Dining Helsinki

Restaurant of the Week: Boulevard Social, Helsinki

By |June 12, 2014|

Located on the beautiful boulevard, this culinary gem is a restaurant no visitor should miss. The kitchen combines traditional flavours from Lebanese, Greek and other Mediterranean cuisines, which make for exciting and innovative dishes that you will definitely not forget. The restaurant’s bistro-style decor, designed by Risto Wikberg from FutuDesign, transports you in an easy-going yet elegant atmosphere perfect after a day of strolling about town.

Interesting Helsinki Restaurants

By |May 18, 2014|

Finland is the hub of ever-changing culinary delights with a surprise dinner or spectacular lunch experience awaiting you at every visit.

Here are some of the top-rated restaurants in the most beautiful city of Finland, Helsinki. A visit to Helsinki is incomplete without paying a visit to these five-star rated eateries that offer great food and are interesting, delightfully enchanting and innovative at the same time.

The Michelin Guide to Helsinki and Stockholm

By |May 18, 2014|

The Michelin guide is the most authentic source available for experiencing fine dining opportunities around the globe. Fondly and very aptly regarded as “the yardstick of gourmet dining”, the Michelin guide rates the best restaurants around the world with stars based on their service, quality, and cuisine. michelin