• 3 Star Hotel
  • Hotel, Bistro & Bar, Conference, Sauna
  • Standard and Quick Sleep rooms available
  • Price range: $65 -$100 per night

About the Hotel

Connect Hotel Stockholm was officially established in September 2007. The Hotel features an eco-friendly facility that gives its guests a great amount of amenities at an amazing price. Also, smoking is prohibited in the vicinity, which means that the hotel takes special care about its environment and indoor air quality.


Rooms, Facilities, and Charges

The hotel includes a lounge/bar and a restaurant. Complimentary breakfast is served to all the guests and wireless internet is accessible for guests with additional charges. Additionally, you can also indulge in a great fitness facility nearby at a discounted rate, use the sauna, and read newspapers in the amazing lobby. If you have a car, then you can conveniently park it in the onsite parking facility at an additional charge.


Connect Hotel Stockholm features a total of 95 guestrooms, 60 of which are fully furnished while the remaining 35 are quick sleep rooms. The quick sleep rooms are ideal for people who are very conscious about their budget. The two types of rooms can also be combined, which will be great for families. Hair dryers are also included in the rooms. All the rooms consist of flat screens and housekeeping if provided on a daily basis.

At the time this review is being written, the charges for a single room start from 449 SEK for a one night. They also offer a lot of special packages and discounts. You can visit their website to check them out.

Views and Reviews

We read some reviews on various sites about the hotel, particularly Trip Advisor, and got mixed reviews which were mainly positive. Most of the customers said that the hotel was generally clean with friendly staff. Though they were not highly impressed when they first saw the hotel, but later on they found the atmosphere very light and nice. Customers were particularly happy about the charges as they said that the hotel was very cheap overall and quite decent. One of the customers even went on to say that the hotel was conveniently located, the rooms were clean, and the staff was extremely friendly and sweet. The bad reviews mainly pointed out to the fact that the building was not that attractive and the breakfast was not as great an experience as it should be.

We think that the hotel is perfect for families and for those people who are travelling alone. This is because families can opt for a combination of two rooms that will give them an even bigger area, and people who are travelling alone are ideally only looking for a place to sleep and possibly internet connection. The hotel is a great option because of its low prices. If you do not care about luxuries but are solely on a trip for sightseeing and roaming around, then the hotel will provide you great value for money.

Götalandsvägen 218
125 44 Älvsjö, Sweden
+46 8 749 61 60